Great news!

Now available for purchase is the Artist’s Edition of Tears of the Dragon – Book One: To Become King.  These are exclusive collectors items,  each featuring an original, one-of-a-kind “Dragon” sketch cover drawn by series creator Tyler James.  Only 100 of these books will ever be made, and I expect them to move pretty quickly during con season, which starts for me in April with the Boston Comic Con.  I’m making them available for purchase online for those of you who won’t be able to get to the cons I’ll be attending this year.


These books feature the full color first chapter of the Tears of the Dragon saga, written by me and drawn by the incredible Koko Amboro.  Artist’s Editions feature a cardstock cover with a penciled, inked and marker toned original dragon sketch.  (I’m having a blast drawing them, BTW.)  The back cover features the brilliant image featured on the standard edition cover.

These books are priced to move at just $15 + shipping.  It’s been added to my online store and you can order directly by clicking the link below.


Also available is the standard edition of Tears of the Dragon Book 1: To Become King.  Order a copy from my friends at Indy Planet!

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